Examples from 8th Grade Students
The Apostles' Creed
Brian's Faith Statement
Rev. Michelle's Faith Statement

8th Grade Student Statement of Faith

I believe God. . .is just like the wind, always with us even though you can’t see him. God is the stronghold of humanity in that he protects us when needed. We seek God out for guidance whenever we need direction in our lives.

I believe Jesus. . .is the savior of humanity. He died carrying the burden of humanity’s sin. After three days he rose againcreatingthe bridge between God’s kingdom and humankind.

I believe the Holy Spirit. . . isthe bridge between God’s kingdom and humanity. The Holy Spirit is like a conscience pointing us in the right direction even though we don’t know why.

I believe the Bible. . .is the solid facts given by God and his followers to future generations, like guidelines, of how to live your life.

I believe the Church. . .is the main foundation that brings together people of all types for one common purpose: to worship God.

I believe I. . .will help and support the church by donating supplies, giving part of my money, and telling others how important believing God is to me.

8th Grade Student Statement of Faith

I believe God is our Father and Creator.God created the earth and the heavens and all the people and animals on the earth.I believe that God watches over us and protects us.

I believe Jesus is the son of God who sacrificed himself for us.God lived life as a human, so he knows what we go through, and he knows what we need and want.God has firsthand experience with us, so he knows through Jesus.Jesus was both God and human, and he has everlasting wisdom and kindness beyond us all.

I believe the Holy Spirit exists among us, and that the Holy Spirit is there even when we cannot see God.

I believe the Bible is the evidence of God’s existence.

I believe the Church is the house to worship God.It is a sanctuary of forgiveness.Church is a place to spend time with others – not just God, but other people.

I believe I am one of God’s creatures, and that I am watched over by God.I would like to become a member of the church and be among those who worship God.


I BELIEVE in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth,

And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord; who was conceived by the
Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was
crucified, dead, and buried; he descended into hell; the third day he rose
again from the dead; he ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right
hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the
quick and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy catholic Church; the communion
of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life
everlasting. Amen.

Rev. Brian Witherspoon's Statement of Faith

The Word of God revealed itself to Moses, the prophets, and the apostles. The writings of these human beings, as well as others associated with them, constitute the special revelation of Holy Scripture, where its unique witness to the Word of God sets it apart from all other documents in history [1. Authority of Scripture]. Holy Scripture reveals that God has entered into human history as the Jew, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is both fully God and fully human, yet one subject, the God-human, who makes the good that God intends creation fully known [2. Incarnation]. Through his birth, life, death, and resurrection, Jesus fulfills the promises of Scripture, showing us that God chooses never to be God apart from humanity. “I will be their God, and they shall be my people” (Jeremiah 31:33). It is Jesus who is both the electing God and the elected and rejected human being [3. Election]. To speak this way is to begin to touch upon a great mystery of God, namely that God is Trinitarian - one substance in three persons [4. Trinity]. One way to grapple with this mystery is to talk about the work that each person accomplishes in order to fulfill God's primal decision to be God for humanity. God the Father declares humanity to be just for the sake of His Son. God the Son, Jesus the Christ, accomplishes redemption for humanity. God the Holy Spirit applies this redemption to us by giving us faith to believe that we actually are what God the Father declares us to be. We are, in other words, justified through faith and made righteous in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit [5. Justification]. This work of God is wholly gracious. God did not have to reach out to us in Christ. God did not have to redeem us. God did not even have to create us because God is complete, whole, and lacking in nothing [6. Sovereignty]. But God created us (and all that is) in order to be in relationship with us because that is the very character of God's being, i.e., one who loves the other.

Because of God’s unfathomable grace, I have come to realize that I do not love the other. I do not love God or my fellow neighbor the way that God wants me to, the way that is witnessed to in Holy Scripture. I do not love God the way I should because as a creature, I have placed other creatures and created things in place of the Creator. I have worshiped creation rather than the Creator [7. Idolatry]. I have not loved my neighbor as I should because I have not been a faithful steward of what has been entrusted to me [8. Stewardship]. But thanks be to God that the curse of my sin is imputed to Christ and the righteousness of Christ is imputed to me! As a result, I joyfully and thankfully obey the Word of God [9. Obedience] and lovingly participate in the covenant community -- that community called out by God known as the Church [10. Covenant life]. As a member of the Church, my faith is sealed through signs that point to God's promise to never be God apart from humanity, apart from me. It is in the Sacraments that God's covenant is made personally known to me. In baptism, I am united to Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. I am regenerated, made into a new person forever to turn away from my old life. I am powerfully reminded of God’s covenant and visibly enter the life of the Church. In the Lord's Supper, my faith is strengthened for the journey as I am lifted up to Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to spiritually feed on His body and blood. As I share this kingdom meal with the community, it nourishes the new nature in me, i.e., it makes me more faithfully correspond to Christ. These Sacraments, heard together with the Word of God, embolden me to go out into the world to witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ, to work for justice and peace, to proclaim the gospel, and to love my neighbor; and as I participate in these tasks, I do so with the hope and confidence of a child of God whose Lord is risen and will one day come again. Amen.

Rev. Michelle D. Witherspoon -- Statement of Faith

I believe I am a child of God who loves me, and I believe that my identity is rooted in this triune God, my Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God brought the world into being out of nothing; therefore God is almighty and sovereign, having both the power and the will to create.In this sovereign creativity, we see God's love in God's desire to bring forth creatures with whom God chooses to be in relationship.Though humanity is created with a need for companionship, God, having no need for companionship, freely chooses to be in community with God's creation.God made a covenant with Abraham and Sarah, and with their descendants, showing us that God is a personal God, interested not just in humanity in general, but in being a vital part of our individual lives.God’s covenantal love is steadfast, for through this covenant God has committed God's self to the care and preservation of the people of God.In the Exodus, we encounter the God of liberation, and we see that God desires to save humanity not only from spiritual oppression, but also from physical and social oppression.
People sin, betraying the love of God in which they are created, disobeying God.Because of sin, the community between humanity and other creatures is disrupted; the community within humanity is broken and disordered; and the community between humanity and God was also broken.Because humans abandoned God's love in disobedience, and continue to betray God in word, thought, and act, humanity deserves God's condemnation.
Desiring that no human being should perish, God became human.As a human being, our God incarnate, Jesus Christ, lived a sinless life, but died the death of a criminal.In his death on the cross, Christ bore the condemnation that humanity incurred as a result of sin.Christ paid the penalty (which people are unable to offer on their own behalf) for the sin of humanity.God, therefore, accomplished reconciliation for humanity by dying on the cross.During his life, Jesus demonstrated God's compassion for all people by ministering to and spending time with social outcasts.In this God demonstrates God's impartial value of all human beings, and supports the claim in Genesis that all people are made in the image of God.
Having accomplished the work of atonement, God calls us to be reconciled.The Holy Spirit, by imparting faith, enables us to be reconciled, to enjoy the gift of salvation.The Holy Spirit frees us to live as those reconciled with our Creator as well as with the rest of creation.The Holy Spirit illumines our reading of Scripture, and thereby reveals God to us.The Holy Spirit restores and sustains us.In baptism, the Holy Spirit seals us in covenant with God, uniting us with Christ in his death and resurrection.In the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Spirit nourishes and renews us in faith.
I regard the Bible as the unique and authoritative witness to the self-revelation of God.When the Scriptures are read and proclaimed, we encounter God by the power of the Holy Spirit.The Bible is therefore of utmost value and is foundational to my understanding of and relationship with God.
I believe the Church is both universal and particular.The Church universal, comprised of people of every nation and age who profess faith in Christ, finds its expression in particular churches.Each congregation is united in faith in Jesus Christ.The Church witnesses to the kingdom of God on earth, which God makes available through Christ.The Church thus serves to proclaim the good news we have in Christ, that sin is forgiven, reconciliation is accomplished, and new life is available because of the work of Christ.
Finally, after God in Christ accomplished atonement for sin in his death on the cross, God also raised Christ from the dead.God promises a bodily resurrection for humanity as well.Therefore, I believe not only in the resurrection of our Lord, but also in the resurrection of humanity.The Bible provides a variety of images (including a heavenly city, marriage feast, father's house) of the new heaven and earth, when the fulfillment of God's reconciling activity will be realized.In times of life and death, then, there always lies before us the hope of this life to come.